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The Future of Cookie Control, Consumers and Commerce

Upcoming: January 21 | 12:30pm EST
Presented by: Bloomreach and Exponea

As stricter data privacy laws are implemented across channels in 2021, the problem will shift from too much data to not enough usable data. A failure to strategize around this shift will certainly spell doom for businesses, and most likely result in low acquisition and high churn rates.

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Marketplace Best Practices Book Launch

Upcoming: January 26 | 2:00pm EST
Presented by: McFadyen Digital

Join host Fareeha Ali of Digital Commerce 360, book author Tom McFadyen, and special guests from successful marketplace operators for this virtual book launch event. We’ll explore why the marketplace model is the next great ecommerce approach, who is currently succeeding with this model and why, and how your organization can innovate and grow by platforming with a marketplace.

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Ecommerce Adapts in the Face Of Growth: Lessons Learned From 2020—Predictions For 2021

Upcoming: January 27 | 2:00pm EST
Presented by: Adobe

Digital Commerce 360 will share lessons learned from both the consumer and retailer perspective based on research conducted throughout the holiday season. We will talk with our panelists about their findings, performance and perspective along with their predictions for early 2021. A look at projected growth, investments and evolving the customer experience will be highlighted in our discussion.

unPredictions 2021: Embracing earned data strategy, permission-marketing & omnichannel loyalty

Upcoming: January 28 | 2:00pm EST
Presented by: Emarsys

Accelerated digital transformation has brought ecommerce and omnichannel experience into hyper-focus. It's imperative to double down on driving 2nd, 3rd and repeat purchases in order to drive improved customer lifetime value and business growth. Personalization is key in driving improved experience but all must be done to create the right value exchange and earn the right to use your customers' data.

The 3 Key Elements to a Successful Ecommerce Data Strategy in 2021

Upcoming: February 2, 2:00pm EST
Presented by: conDati

Companies need to adopt an agile mindset to pivot and adapt to whatever is thrown their way. Temporary band-aid solutions need to be replaced with permanent adaptable solutions and trusted strategic partnerships need to be forged. Join conDati COO and co-founder Linh Ho as she shares her perspective on 2020 and what marketing and ecommerce leaders should focus on in 2021.

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How to gain repeat customers with first-party data & personalization

Upcoming: February 17 | 2:00pm EST
Presented by: Emarsys

Join us for a roundtable discussion with customer engagement platform vendor Emarsys and several retailers as we discuss the ways first-party data can help personalize the shopping journey and retain customers. We’ll also go over the pain points around multichannel and omnichannel campaigns, marketing to mobile and social shoppers and making marketing in general more personal to shoppers’ wants and needs.

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Give Digital Business Buyers What They Want: Speed, Simplicity and a Personal Touch

Upcoming: February 24 | 2:00pm EST
Presented by: Adobe

B2B ecommerce has permanently accelerated in speed and adoption due to COVID-19. In this ecommerce chat, top technologists from Adobe alongside B2B practitioners will present attendees with a hands-on game plan for adding personalization, curb side pickup, product recommendations and a score of the features and services that organizations can take and learn how to add key B2C components to their B2B ecommerce program.